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The network of AMDR medical device remanufacturers provides a platform to promote the highest standards in remanufacturing.

In addition to learning from healthcare professionals, communicating through professional associations is a vital component of our responsiveness to the needs of patients, healthcare providers and hospitals.

Association of Medical Device Reprocessors (AMDR)  

Established in 1997, AMDR consists of members of the commercial single-use device remanufacturing industry.

AMDR represents regulated, commercial remanufacturing, which it promotes as an important healthcare strategy that helps healthcare providers improve patient care, increase quality, reduce costs, and protect the environment. It represents the interests of its members in regulation, legislation and standard-setting world-wide.

AMDR seeks to push the wider medical technology industry to advance remanufacturing as a key strategy in the evolution and use of new device technologies.

Vanguard has been a member of AMDR since 2014.

Click here to see the AMDR Bibliography of Peer-Reviewed Articles and other Scientific Literature on Remanufacturing.

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